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— Ryan, Tallahassee
"...quality wise Bethesda Farm Eggs may be the closest I’ve gotten to farm fresh in a while."
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— Susie, Jacksonville
"Thank you so much for your most delicious eggs!"
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— John, Atlanta
"Not only were the eggs the best I’ve had so far, I credit them for helping me make a top notch Creme Brûlée."
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— Betsy, Sarasota

"I have done some research on healthy eggs! Your process seems to cover all bases!"

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At Bethesda Farm, the Chicken comes first…

Bethesda Farm Standard Organic Pasture-raised Eggs

The hens at Bethesda Farm spend their days outside in the Florida sunshine, roaming green pasture, chasing bugs and enjoying super-fresh, organic, non-gmo feed.

You can find Bethesda Farm Eggs at

  • Whole Foods Markets throughout Florida
  • Publix Supermarkets in Central and North Florida, including the panhandle

And in Northeast Florida at

  • Native Sun | Lucky’s Market
  • Grassroots (Jax) | Ward’s Market (Gainesville)

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